(Scientific. Truth. Analytical. Research)*

Have you ever seen or heard something you can’t explain? Have you ever thought a story or claim was too outlandish to be true? Ever wonder what's going on in your home or place of business?  If these questions sound familiar then S.T.A.R. is the place for you.

       S.T.A.R. is a volunteer research group looking to bring on new team members (unpaid).                 S.T.A.R. is a Scientific Truth & Analytical Research team that dedicates itself in finding the true answers to various claims, stories and phenomenon. 
 We take pride in helping the communities involved get the answers they deserve. 
'Our mission is to neither prove nor disprove but to let facts speak for themselves.
We provide clear, precise and truthful results in a professional manner.  

 If you are interested in becoming  a S.T.A.R. member please fill out the form below. State what would make you a great S.T.A.R. member and what background or backgrounds you have that would best help our scientific research team.

​*Please note: We are a scientific research group. We investigate reports of the Unknown & Paranormal, we are truly dedicated to using the latest in technology to take measurements and readings of the environment and surrounding structures.
We report to the requestor, any identified safety hazards during our investigations and strive to determine the difference between fact and fiction. 

  All investigations are done with the permission of our clients. It is unwise to attempt to or enter any premises or private property without the express permission of the property or home owners. Doing so may result in arrest or harm.

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Available positions:​

1. Researcher:  Conduct Research on location and reports of activity. Help with investigations

2. Empath/Sensitive:  Work with investigators and clients during interviews and investigations.

3. Investigator: Part of investigating team, under team leads direction.