Since I was a child I have always been fascinated with the unknown. I have always asked questions about the world around me. From that questioning it led me to start my own research group.

Back in 1998 I started a small research group that was comprised of high school friends. We used the latest technology at the time as well as studied and researched rational and realistic explanations for all the unexplained worldly events and personal events that we encountered.

We investigated homes, offices, hotels and even abandoned buildings with permission from our clients. We interviewed hundreds of people and did our best to help them make sense of what was going on. 

In 2015 I took that same drive and passion I had back in high school and along with my good friend Wade, founded S.T.A.R. (Scientific Truth & Analytical Research)

​   (Spencer Anderson Co-Founder)

Today we use the latest in technology to help better understand the world in which we live. 

We strive to provide our clients with clear, honest and precise results in a professional manner.

By keeping integrity and honesty at our forefront we not only earn the respect from our clients but also gain friends in the process.

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