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The following is a testimonial from one of our clients.  A young couple with very young children.
they reported feeling uncomfortable and uneasy, they reported various sightings of a black mass moving around their home.

They reported items being moved / thrown,  they reported their children acting like they were staring at something unknown.  The couple wish to remain anonymous which we always respect.  With their approval, we share their kind words with you.

"S.T.A.R Investigation came to my home after I notified them of what I thought to be paranormal activity taking place. They came and did a walk through with me and explained what they would be doing, showing me their equipment, and doing readings to help improve my home as we went through.

They assured that I fully understood what they were doing and that I was completely comfortable. I was kept updated as they did their investigation. Once they completed their investigation they sat down with me and explained what they had experienced, they educated me on EMFs and how to help seal my house from heat leakage, they also gave me rational explanations as to why I might have been hearing and seeing what I did.

Prior to reentering my home, Spencer did the full 9 yards when it came to blessing my home.  I am happy to say that after nearly a year of feeling on edge in my own home, I am finally at peace and it is all thanks to S.T.A.R Investigation taking the time to do that for me.

I highly recommend turning to them in your times of concern. You can trust that they will not just try to prove that there is paranormal activity taking place. They use science and logic to explain what is going on in your home and they go above and beyond to be sure that they give you the correct information and that you are left feeling at peace" Registered & Protected RAO8-MLPU-YH0K-NBKB">Copyright Registered & Protected RAO8-MLPU-YH0K-NBKB">Copyright
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